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Paint Correction


   Paint correction is the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paint from any and all imperfections.  Swirl marks, holograms, marring, scratching, oxidation, bird dropping stains and water spots are types of paint imperfections or defects which prevent the paint from showing its true shine and depth.

     Our paint correction service maximizes the depth and shine of your vehicle. Every car must be washed and decontaminated before correcting the paint. Every car is hand washed in a certain way to prevent adding any additional imperfections.

After the vehicle is washed and decontaminated, we perform a test spot to see what its going to need. Paint differs from every vehicle so what we use on one vehicle might not be what we use on another.

Once we establish what the paint will need, we start the machine correction process. In a severe case, we could use an aggressive compound and pad combo to remove heavy scratches and defects. After that we follow it up with a medium polish to get rid of the haziness left from the compounding stage. And finally we finish it off with a very light finishing polish and gentle foam pad. These combinations bring the paint to like new condition.

Is my vehicle eligible for a paint correction? How much does it cost?

Almost every vehicle is eligible for a paint correction. Some vehicles may have less clear coat than others and some have close to no clear coat left. We always recommend stopping in before scheduling an appointment so we can look over the paint and see what can be done.

Pricing all depends on the paints condition. An exact price can only be given once we have seen the vehicle in person under proper lighting.

Pricing is $125 per hour. Some cars may only need a light one step correction which might only take a few hours. Other vehicles can take as much as 30 hours or more. 

After paint correction                      Before paint correction

Before paint correction                               After paint correction

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