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Self Serve Indoor Wash Bay

You read that right. A self serve indoor wash bay inside a professional high end detailing facility. 
This idea first came into my head a few months ago, before I even moved into the new facility when 2 clients in one day asked me what to do about washing their car. One client said where he lives, the sun hits his driveway all hours of the day. Another one said he just doesnt have the means to wash his car where he lives in his apartment complex. And to be completely honest with you guys, as a one man show, I dont have the time to take away from big jobs every day to wash cars. 

So there the idea was. Why not create a dedicated indoor wash bay for my clients to use themselves? 
So here it is.


How does it work?

  1. download the app "Booksy" from your app store.

  2. Search for "Supreme Shine"

  3. Fill out your info

  4. look at the live schedule and pick your time slot

  5. The first time you come in you will be required to fill out a form, pay for the monthly agreement and that's it! After that you can start washing!

  6. every body will have 1 hour and fifteen minutes to finish. Which is PLENTY of time to wash a vehicle, especially a car. 

  7. When you are done washing, clean up your belongings, roll up the hose, turn the water off and enjoy your clean car.

What does it cost?

$50 a month will get you unlimited washes here.

6 days a week.

Whenever you want.

There are a lot of nights where I am here late past the "hours of operation". 

If you get off work late and want to wash your car or whatever the case may be and its after hours, give me a call. If I'm here I'd be happy to help you out.


My goal is to not be anything like all of the other shops out there. I'm not here to just make a quick buck and treat you like just another client walking through my door. I'm here to make your life easier and accommodate you the best that I can and be on a friendly basis with everyone. 

I hate the stigma that floats around about other shops. That's not what I'm about. I want to create an atmosphere and a relationship that you look forward to coming to and something you tell your friends and family about.

What is required?

You will be required to bring your own products such as soap, wheel cleaner, detail spray, wash mitt, tire shine etc. If you dont have any products, you can buy them here in our waiting area! We have an entire array of products for everything you may need.

What will you have access to?

You will have access to the wash bay, an Active VE52 pressure washer that is paired up to a Spotless water filtration system which prevents any sort of water spots from forming on your paint. That supplies water to the 50' Kobrajet high quality non kink hose that is rolled up on the wall mounted hose reel. Attached to the end of the hose is a MTM shorty spray gun with various angled tips to choose from.

You will also have access to the Master Blaster 8.0 HP heated car dryer.

Obsessed garage foam cannon.

Under carriage cleaner to blast away the gunk we usually cant get to.

Wash bucket, rinse bucket and wheel bucket all with grit guards.

And the best part is there is a drain in the floor. No wet feet!

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