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Engine Bay Detailing

Water is an electrical components worst nightmare. That's why we don't use water to clean engines, we use steam. The hot steam loosens up all the baked on gunk without the need for any harsh chemicals that bleach out plastic and rubber parts, and without getting water on any open wires or any electrical components.

Silicone based or oil based dressings just attract dust and dirt and make your engine bay dirtier, faster. So why waste the money to have your engine bay detailed, then get dirty within 10 minutes?

We only use water based dressings and nano coatings. Nano coatings such as Ceramic Pro enhances the shine of the plastics, without being greasy at all, and keeps the engine cleaner for much longer. A coating like Ceramic Pro will also last YEARS, compared to a couple of weeks from your regular plastic dressing.

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